Do You Know Where To Find A Superstar Salesman To Sell Like Crazy For Your Company?

Someone who achieves staggering sales results week in and week out!

Someone who is absolutely integral to your company's ultimate success!

There are many challenges IN finding a Superstar salesman but wait until you see the INGENIOUS low cost solution we have for you!

If you have ever hired a salesperson to work for your company then you already know how difficult it is to attract amazing sales talent that will produce results that make you go WOW!  Unfortunately, mediocre and subpar results seem to be the norm when it comes to hiring any type of salespeople these days.

Every company needs to have a superstar salesman representing them, bringing in new leads, sales and promotion for the business. After all, sales are the lifeblood of every business. Not having a superstar salesman will definitely keep a company from achieving its maximum sales potential. For some companies, not generating new business consistently can become a very serious matter.

Having An Exceptional Salesperson Is A Necessity

When you hire a salesperson you do so with the expectation that the salesperson will eventually produce sales and increase your business. It is all about sales and all about making money!! Plain and simple!

If you are going to attract a superstar salesman to work for your company, it goes without saying that you will have to pay a premium salary plus commissions just to entice someone who has the talent you are looking for. Invariably, this means you are looking at shelling out anywhere from $50,000 minimum to $100,000 and up (plus commissions) in order to peak interest in working for your company. That is a lot of dough to shell out.

Sure you can offer commission only sales jobs. However, the people you hire will come and go the minute they find another job that pays them a real salary. The reality is, the odds of finding a superstar salesperson on a commission only basis, are slim and none!

Saying all that, keep reading and we are going to show you a little secret that will allow you to engage your very own superstar salesman for virtually pennies on the dollar!

Sales Person

Why Is It So Hard To Find An Amazing Salesperson?

The biggest problem with hiring new salespeople is that you never know what you are getting in the way of sales talent until they have been with you at least a few months. Nothing ever happens immediately, that is just reality.

Even a superstar salesperson will need some time to learn the ropes of your company in order to plant seeds with potential new customers and only then can they eventually start to produce sales. Once momentum is gained, the sales will start to come in regularly. However, that could take up to 6 months for that sales process to take place. If after 6 months you discover this salesperson is not producing any results, then you will have no choice but to let them go. Basically have to start all over from scratch again. Not to mention all the big money you have wasted.

Sometimes finding a superstar salesman is just as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

So Many Challenges!

If you are lucky enough to find a superstar salesperson to work for you, then the next challenge is how to keep them. Talented sales people tend to move on to the best opportunity they can find because they recognize they are good and it is easy for them to keep finding better opportunities. 


A Staggering 75% of sales people will leave their current company within 6 months for other opportunities.

You may be fortunate to find a superstar salesman, however, the sad truth is that you most probably won’t keep them for long. Perhaps you have already gone through this in your own company and as you know, it does sting. Unfortunately, when they leave you, it leaves a big void in your sales and the ongoing promotion of your company. This can be a very frustrating process to say the least, and it leaves you constantly spinning your tires in the sand.

Today is your lucky day because we are going to show you how your company can absolutely explode with sales and promotions in a way that has never been promoted before! In fact, we can promise you that there is literally no better way to promote your company!

Before we do that, we have a tiny confession to make…In reality, our salesperson is not really a salesperson at all. In fact, what we are providing you with is exceedingly better than hiring a superstar salesperson. So, what could possibly be better than a bona fide superstar salesman?

Digi Salesman!!

We have developed a proprietary which can immediately be applied to your niche business that is akin to you hiring a superstar salesperson without physically hiring anyone! Turning our powerful on in your company will exponentially generate more business and exposure than any superstar salesman could ever bring you and the results will be long lasting, even lasting for years to come.

This could be the single most important component that you have ever added to your business to create sales and ultimate success!!

Get Ready For More Sales & Explosive Results!

We are going to completely transform your company into a super powered marketing machine without even hiring a superstar salesman. With the virtual flip of a switch, we can begin to provide staggering sales results that will leave you astounded. You are going to wish you discovered this years ago.

Here is what you can look forward to when we start to work with you: 

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     1. Ongoing traffic directed to your company (get ready to hire more support staff).
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     2. All the leads you can handle.
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     3. More sales than you ever dreamed possible.
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    4. Consistent and ongoing sales month after month.
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    5. Huge exposure and brand awareness of your company.
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     6. Local domination in your business niche (You better hope your competitor doesn’t beat you to the punch).
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    7. Ongoing diversified promotion of your company.

Our Success Formula Revealed!
(Our Humble Beginnings)


To understand how we achieve phenomenal results with what we now call our Digi Salesman program, it is important to know how it came about and where we started MANY years ago. 

Here is my personal story…

After being in an operations type job for many years, I decided to try my hand at sales to try something new. At the time, I felt the income possibilities would be greater with the opportunity to earn sales commissions on top of my base salary. Therefore, when a sales opportunity opened up with the company I was working for, I told the owner I would like to give it a try and he allowed me to do so. This was over 15 years ago. Wow how time flies!!

With absolutely zero sales experience and zero training from the company I was working for, I dove headfirst into the scary world of sales. At the time, I was selling transportation services looking for new clients that could utilize our shipping solutions. For a sales newbie, this was an intimidating endeavour trying to reach out to complete strangers to convince them they should use our company.

At the beginning, I did the same conventional thing that every salesperson in the world attempts to do, and that is making the dreaded sales calls to reach out to new prospects. I spent some time going through some directories of company names and then compiled a list of companies I could call to market to. When the time came to actually make phone calls I found it incredibly daunting at first.

This was a brand new position at the company I worked for and we never had a salesperson previously. Therefore, I had no training whatsoever. I was literally just flying by the seat of my pants learning as I went. I literally had to force myself to pick up the phone to start making some cold calls.

Wow! This Sales Stuff Is Not As Easy As I Thought!

When I was back in Operations and thinking about moving to sales I was very excited and said to myself “I can do this”. However, now that I was actually knee deep in it, I could see this new gig was certainly not going to be as easy as I originally thought.

After several months of making calls I started to perfect my sales pitch and I was getting very good at getting past the “gatekeepers” and getting through to the decision makers which is absolute paramount in selling anything. If you cannot get through to the decision makers you are doomed!

My sales started to grow quite quickly as I was getting more and more proficient at selling on the phone. I started to learn little secrets on how to get past gatekeepers and also how to immediately have decision makers fixated on what I was about to tell them next. After sharing a few key words I could set potential clients up and have them listening attentively. Trust me, this is not an easy task when you are talking to busy business people whose every instinct is telling them that anyone calling on the phone must be a salesman. Those same instincts are also telling them to quickly get rid of anyone who is calling because they are probably trying to sell something they don’t want. No one wants their precious time to be wasted. These are huge obstacles for any salesperson to overcome.

Despite all the obstacles I just mentioned, I started to do some statistics on my calls and unbelievably, out of every 10 calls on average, I was closing 2 to 3 sales. That is up to a 30% close rate. Needless to say, I was very excited.

My boss was extremely happy with my results and so was I. I was very proud of myself for achieving such quick success within a short amount of time in a brand new field.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay To Listen To What Everyone Else Says!

I thought about my keys to success and came to the conclusion that my success came from thinking outside of the box. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to listen to what everyone else tells you. Sometimes it is better to come up with your own strategies on what works best for you. In this case, I completely came up with my own unique way of communicating with people and from what I could tell, it was working like gangbusters. In hindsight, it was actually better that I had no training, as it probably would have sent me down the same road as everyone else.

Here is the difference (and it is a big one). When most salesmen make cold calls they are treated just like that, salesmen. When I make my calls I am treated like royalty and a trusted friend, advisor and an expert in my field. Why is there such a huge difference in reception between me and other salespeople when they make their calls? This is all due to the words that you use when you are talking to people. Words are extremely powerful. I truly believe that most people have no idea just how powerful simple words can be when you use them in the right way.

My secret of selling was actually an oxymoron in itself. I discovered an interesting thing. The more I didn’t try to sell, the more I actually sold. In reality, people hate to be sold to unless, of course, they are searching at that particular moment to be sold. The trick is to put the potential client in a comfortable place in their mind where they feel you are not trying to sell them anything. Once that elephant leaves the room it is amazing what results you can achieve.

I Discovered The Trick!

What I discovered is an almost magical formula that can be applied to any product or service which will make the decision maker believe you are not selling them anything. Before you know it, people are asking how they can they do business with you. It is an amazing phenomenon. This formula is absolutely priceless!

Despite all my early success, it didn’t take me long to realize there was still something seriously wrong with this selling method. What really concerned me was that I was becoming a literal slave to the selling process. I suddenly recognized the fact that there are only so many hours in a day to make phone calls and knock on doors. What I really wanted to do was to leverage myself and multiply my efforts exponentially. There had to be a better way. Little did I know, this curiosity to multiply my efforts would lead me to one of the most powerful sales discoveries that would eventually catapult my earnings into the stratosphere! It would allow me to “work smart and not hard”.

If you are still reading up to this point, unbeknownst to you, I have already given you the powerful secret that makes this whole work better than hiring any superstar salesman. The complete secret is contained in one simple sentence in a previous paragraph. Did you catch it? Did it stand out on the page and grab you just like it did for me the moment I realized the awesome power of it? Well in case you missed it, here is the sentence once again:

People hate to be sold to unless of course they are searching at that particular moment to be sold

Do you see the power in this sentence? It is easy to miss if you read it too fast and don’t think about the hidden message in that statement. This one phrase was the main takeaway from my experience of making phone calls. This sentence turned into my true Ah-Ha moment and set the stage to turn my epiphany into a physical reality.

Here is the key question:

“How do you change the mindset from potential customers hating to be sold, to wanting to be sold?”

The answer is:

Give them what they are looking for and what they need!

The second part of the equation is:

Allow your customer to be in the driver’s seat and drive the car whenever they want to. Not when you want to.


Unfortunately, 90% of sales people are clueless on how to sell and still are trying to sell the proverbial ice cubes to Eskimos! This is the kiss of death for any company.

Why are you trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos? Isn’t it better to offer cold drinks to people who are thirsty in the desert? This may seem obvious but most marketers totally miss this powerful concept or at least haven’t the slightest notion of what to do with it to ensure that you have clients eating out of your hands.

Let me give you an illustration. When someone walks into a store and a salesperson immediately walks up and says “Can I help you?" What is the most common response from the customer? It is usually something like “Thanks but I am just looking” or “No I am good thanks”. Basically, the customer is initially in defence mode and will try their best to get rid of the salesperson as quick as possible. This is just human nature. Leave that same customer in the store for a few minutes and they end up finding something they like, then the situation immediately changes. They go from not wanting to talk to anyone to needing to track down the nearest salesperson for assistance. Haven’t we all experienced this?

I had an Ah-Ha moment at the David Letterman Show.

Let me elaborate on this a little bit more. A few years ago I was in New York City standing in a lineup outdoors with hundreds of people waiting to get into the David Letterman show. It starting pouring rain. We were standing out on the sidewalk with no shelter whatsoever. Almost immediately out of nowhere arrive two young men who atically went through the whole line of people asking if anyone wanted to buy an Umbrella for $5.00. How ingenious is that? I can tell you that almost every second person bought one, including me. How is that for target marketing? Their timing was impeccable. They were at the right place at the right time giving customers exactly what they needed.

Do you think the people in line hated to be sold to at that moment? Not a chance!! In fact, the people in line welcomed being sold the Umbrellas. Some people even broke out of the line to get an umbrella faster because they knew it would take a while until the umbrella vendors went through the whole line to reach them and by then they would be soaked. They were also scared that the vendors might run out of umbrellas so the notion of scarcity also comes into play which is another powerful tactic on its own.

How Would You Like Clients Coming To You Exactly At The Moment They Need Your  Services?

The main point here is simple yet profound. Once people know there is a product or service available that they want or need, the probabilities are sky high they will buy from you when you attempt to sell them. As in my example with the umbrellas, inevitably the customer will come to you on their own, which makes it very easy to sell!

How I went from chasing down prospects to them chasing me…

The first step in multiplying my efforts was to branch out from simply making phone calls myself. How did I do this? I call it a combination of good timing and most of all, perseverance. If you can remember 15 years ago, ecommerce was just in its infancy stage on the Internet. Being somewhat of a computer nerd I consciously knew this new Internet medium was going to allow me to delve into a new and exciting frontier. At the time, I didn’t exactly know how, but I was committed to finding out. It didn’t happen overnight. Slowly but surely I tested one online tactic after another. Some failed and the ones that brought me leads and traffic, I kept and tweaked further making them even better.

Before I knew it, I was generating more leads from all my online marketing endeavours compared to simply making cold calls by myself. The best thing about this was that people were contacting me and all I had to do was sign them up, as they were already pre-qualified for what I was selling.

I literally went from chasing down prospects to them chasing me. It’s an extremely powerful thing! I would call that a salesperson’s dream come true.

After discovering what was working to bring in sales for my company, I hired a programmer to create several different software packages specially designed to perform certain tasks on the Internet to promote my company’s services and to automatically bring in leads. This was all designed without having to talk to anyone. After 15 years of tweaking and programming, I now have accumulated a powerful arsenal of online programs where the only purpose is to promote, market and sell for me on complete autopilot.

You need to leverage your efforts or you are just wasting time and money!

Fast forward 15 years to today and remarkably, I don’t even have to do cold calling any longer. The leads come in every day, fast and furious, just like clockwork. In fact, on some days I literally can’t handle the support of all these leads and clients and have to press the pause button or I will be too swamped to handle the leads. Actually, with some of the programs I am using, they are literally impossible to stop because they have already gone viral in cyberspace and their tentacles are extremely far reaching. I would say that is a nice problem to have right? Much better than the well running dry and having little or no business coming in on a regular basis. 

With all these proprietary marketing s in place I have become the #1 salesperson at our company generating millions of dollars in sales each year. When we started, we were just a small company but thanks to all my sales we have grown significantly over the years and now have hired numerous employees to handle the operations and also numerous other salespeople as well.

I watch as new salespeople get hired and go through the same challenges that I did 15 years ago. We have even hired seasoned veteran salespeople that have been selling for years in our industry and I observe them going through the same old fashioned methods of trying to get leads and making sales by cold calling and knocking on doors. I see them all struggling to bring in a consistent amount of sales each month. Sure, sales are made eventually after a certain amount of calls and contacts are made. However, there is absolutely no way you can multiply your efforts doing everything on your own, using the out-dated sales methods which 99% of the salespeople still think they have to do.

I feel sad for salespeople whenever I hear them say that is it “just a numbers game”. They honestly believe the old axiom that if you make enough calls, surely someone along the way will eventually buy. Making hundreds of calls to make just one sale does not make sense to me. Not only does it not make sense, but it is an extremely painful and tedious process. If anyone says they enjoy doing this, they are lying through their teeth. I always knew this process was flawed when I was knee deep in it myself. This is so old school! The truth of the matter is, they just don’t know any better.

Truth Is...Most Salespeople Don't Even Like Their Jobs!

The reality is that most salespeople don’t even like their jobs. After all, who really and truly likes to do cold calling? Let me ask a question. “Would you rather cold call or have clients coming to you without cold calling?” That is akin to asking “Would you rather be at work or on a tropical beach?” It’s a no brainer for sure!!

Salespeople from our company constantly come to me asking “how do you do what you do?” They see that I rarely have to leave the office to go to meetings and I do not have to be on the phone all day making cold calls. Regardless, I am always the number one salesperson in the company by leaps and bounds.

I Discovered That Selling Is A Major “Pain Point” For Every Single Company

Many of my friends and family heard of my success and wanted to know more about my marketing strategies and asked if I could help them generate leads and sales for their own particular businesses. I thought this could be an interesting experiment to see if my would work the same on different industries. Henceforth I started to apply my online methods to some of their companies and to my great delight, the same spectacular results ensued and appeared to be exactly the same regardless of the industry I was promoting.

At the beginning I would initially apply some of my strategies on my friend’s businesses and I was glad to do it for free. The more modules I applied, the more leads that would come in. Soon I found that everyone I did this for was literally begging for me to add more of my marketing modules to their businesses so they could continue to see amazing results.

This made me realize just how much of a “pain point” this is for every single business out there. Driving new clients to any company is definitely not an easy task. Just ask any salesperson.

It was then that I realized I had something that was very much in demand and something that every business is willing to pay good money for. The ability to drive leads and new customers to businesses is as essential as it is to breathe for humans.

What I have discovered is that all my strategies can be applied to virtually any other business. I have tested my software and proprietary programs on every kind of niche business you can imagine and the results always amount to the same thing. More leads and more sales than any superstar salesman could ever bring in.

Selling Does Not Have To Be A Pain Point Anymore!

I thought to myself…there are an unlimited amount of companies that could benefit from my strategies so why not offer my services to them? My initial fear was depleting my own sales efforts. However, if I were to assist other non-competing firms from different industries, there would be no competition. I feel very comfortable in offering my services and charging a respectable fee for my expertise.

The other thing that finally convinced me to offer my services to other companies is the fact that I thoroughly enjoy helping people. It is a tremendous rush witnessing clients completely rejuvenating their companies with a super charged injection of traffic and sales. It gives me great satisfaction. There is nothing better than seeing our efforts transforming into successful tangible results.

The natural evolution of offering my services to other companies has initiated me to hire a staff of trusted and fully trained experienced professionals who will assist me in fulfilling all of the promotions and marketing that we will implement for our new clients. All marketing campaigns are managed by me personally.

Are You Our Next Client?

So it is with tremendous pleasure and excitement that I announce, we will now be taking on a select handful of new clients who will reap the benefits of our amazing proven strategies.

The transportation company that I still work for has hired many salespeople over the years and many of them have been paid a base salary of anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000/year plus commissions (based on their experience). A superstar salesman with experience could easily command $100,000/year plus commissions.

What I have witnessed over the years, is that it doesn’t matter how much our company pays for a superstar salesman’s base salary. Even if we hire an experienced superstar salesperson with excellent credentials and we pay them $100,000/year, their yearly results will always pale in comparison to the results that I achieve using my proprietary marketing strategies. To be honest, even if we paid someone $250,000/year to do selling, I would guarantee my results will still dwarf any of their personal efforts year after year!!

You see, the strategies that I implement are long lasting and set a foundation for automated ongoing promotions. These strategic campaigns quickly gain momentum just as a snowball does rolling down the hill. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and is almost impossible to stop. My is designed to multiply exponentially and in Internet terms…go viral! One salesperson alone can never multiply themselves or leverage themselves even close to what our can accomplish.

Old Salesmen Methods Are Dead!

We are literally living in a futuristic age where technology is creating a paradigm shift in the way companies do business today. Those companies that continue to embrace the old fashioned ways, will need to work even harder and hence will continue to struggle more and more as time goes by.

The old sales methods just don’t work anymore! Today, clients have more information at their fingertips and want fast, instant results when they are looking for a particular product or service. If you are not at their fingertips, it is quite simple…You are dead to them!

Does anyone remember the old slogan from the Yellow Pages? “Let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow pages.”


Back in the day, this was a brilliant campaign and one of the best business slogans in marketing history. Like old fashion salesmen methods, those days of searching through the Yellow Pages are long gone and have been replaced by electronic mediums. It really boggles the mind to think just how quickly the Yellow Page phone books went from being the number one place to advertise your business, to literally becoming insignificant within just a few short years. This is how rapidly things can change. These technological changes are responsible for many a company going “the way of the dinosaur” because they simply didn’t know how to adapt to the changing new world.

Are New Customers At Your Fingertips?

The basic concept of the old Yellow Pages’ slogan still rings true today but in an entirely different way. Clients still expect to have all their information at their fingertips but the difference now is that it is all electronic through the Internet, tablets, mobile phones, social media, etc. Our programs will put you directly in front of new clients who are searching for your services. Most of these people would have never have heard of you otherwise. Our programs will put you in front of their fingertips. This is the reason that our Digi Salesman program is so incredibly effective and scalable to the masses.

We Have Good News For You Today!

I am now in a position to offer the exact same strategies that I use in my own company and apply them to your own business. Believe me when I say that this will completely transform your company into a marketing machine juggernaut.

Imagine if we told you that we can provide your company with a superstar salesman that will never leave you, never take vacations, produce unlimited new leads, achieve record breaking sales, and completely transform your company’s marketing efforts and exposure? Even better, how would you like to receive all this at a tiny fraction of what you would normally pay a superstar salesman?

Eliminate All Your Sales Frustrations!

With our remarkable we totally eliminate the following negative factors of hiring a conventional salesperson:

  • No more huge salary outlay
  • No extra commissions to pay (what you make, you keep 100%)
  • No more mediocre results
  • No vacations
  • No sick days
  • No dealing with difficult personalities
  • No risk of leaving you for another opportunity
  • No surprises whatsover

If you want to completely dominate your market and annihilate your competition, you have come to the right place. All you need to do is allow me and my team to turn on all of our amazing marketing resources for you.

We want to show you how you can unleash all of these methods in your business just like I have done for years for myself.

Now, for a limited time, we are opening the doors to our powerful million dollar software/s which can be applied to your very own business.

Using a combination of powerful proprietary strategies, we will solve all your promotion and sales challenges and catapult your sales into the stratosphere.

Simply leave your company’s promotion to us and we will guarantee results never dreamed possible. The great news is that you won’t be paying anywhere near what you would have to pay if you hired a superstar salesperson, and on top of that, our results will always be better!

Engage Us To Explode Your Sales & Marketing!

I think it would be safe to say that any company would be willing to pay a superstar salesperson a premium salary (even up to $100,000/year) if that salesperson brings in the sales. Then they more than pay for themselves when all is said and done at the end of the year. This is a no brainer, as the payment to the salesperson is an investment into the company.

The major problem for most companies is where do you find a reputable superstar salesperson and how do you keep them when you do find them?

If you break down the $100,000 salary for a superstar salesperson, this would cost your company $8333.00/month. Even if you paid just $50,000 per year, this would equate to paying $4,166.00/month.  This is what companies pay to have a quality professional salesperson represent them.

This is exactly what the owner of our transportation company pays for experienced salespeople and the truth is, most of these salespeople come and go. Some are great. Some are good. Most are average and several are quite terrible and never bring in any results. It really can be hit or miss. Conversely, with my proprietary the results are always the same. I always blow every salesperson out of the water (even the top paid salespeople) completely trumping all of them by producing more leads and substantially more sales. No one even comes close, year after year!

What would you say if you could find a superstar salesperson that would eventually become the best loyal salesperson you ever had and generated exponentially more profits for your company versus what you paid them for their services? Wouldn’t you pay them whatever they wanted and hire them on the spot if you could?

Replicate The New York Yankee's Success Formula!

Isn’t this exactly what professional sports teams do today with their players? As an owner, to attract the top players, you need to pay those players handsomely and then your chances of success increases exponentially when you have the best players on your team.

This is the same strategy that the New York Yankees have been using for years. They grab the best talent and as a result, are perennially always fighting for first place and invariably make the playoffs year after year! This holds true once again in 2019 where the Yankees are currently running away with first place.

This is the main reason they are the most successful North American sports franchise in history with 27 World Series championships. I think it can be said, they know something about hiring good people. This proves you are only as strong as your people!

What if you could obtain our Digi Salesman program for less than what you would normally pay for a conventional live blooded superstar salesman, all the while having our Digi Salesman program outperform the results of any salesman you could hire?

We thought long and hard on what would be a fair price for our services and to be honest, anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 per year would be very fair if we decided to charge that. In the near future we will probably go that route so that we have less clients to manage. 

How Much Will This Cost?

We are going to make an irresistible offer for you to become one of our new clients.  We believe we have come up with an offer that is a no-brainer for any company that is truly serious about exposure and getting more clients.

We are going to open up a few Beta positions into our Digi Salesman program. Since this is a Beta program for a select few companies we are going to offer a huge discount in exchange for some testimonials and also some future referrals.

Considering that a real superstar salesman could cost up to $8333.00 per month, we believe our service is an absolute steal for the traffic, exposure and sales that you are going to receive at a tiny fraction of the price.

The regular price for our Digi Salesman service is $2500.00/month with a one-time setup fee of $975.00. Since we want to obtain you as a brand new Beta client, we are going to let you trial our service for one complete month, for just the cost of our setup fee. 

For a limited time we will be waiving the full $2500.00 fee for the first month to bring you on board as a new client. This is the lowest price you will ever see offered for this program but only if you act quickly and jump on this trial beta offer.

Don't hesitate to trial our complete range of services for one entire month! The price is only $975.00 (real time savings of $2500.00). In order to be eligible to receive this highly discounted rate of only $975.00 you must first agree to provide us with a glowing testimonial and hopefully provide us with some referrals (of course, only after you are 100% satisfied with our program).

We only have a limited amount of positions open for these Beta Digi Salesman accounts as we can only work on so many campaigns at a time. Please note that our Beta trial program could end anytime and the price could go back to $975.00 for the setup fee and $2500.00/month.

No Monthly Commitment

We will not charge you for any additional months until you are satisfied and tell us to move forward. If you decide to move forward and engage Digi Salesman into your business, the regular rate will be $2500.00 for each successive month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

When you continue with us from month to month, your exposure, traffic and sales will continue to multiply exponentially and your monthly $2500.00 payment will become an investment you will love to pay every single month. 

Do you realistically think you could ever hire an irreplaceable superstar salesman for only $2500.00/month? Even better, how about testing out a new sales person for only $975.00/month? And not just any sales person, a superstar salesman. Well now you can!

Every single company needs to have a Digi Salesman!​​​​

Truth be told, if I had an offer like this when I was just starting out I would have been years ahead in my success. You simply can’t put a price on all the time and money I have spent learning all of this. 

For a select few companies who become our clients, this will be a secret weapon against competitors.

We want your investment into our Digi Salesman program to be the best investment your company has ever made!

If by any chance you decide to walk away after the 1st month, you will still benefit from all our promotional efforts for many months to come and possibly even years to come, since we will be producing "sticky targeted marketing" that has a long term evergreen effect on the Internet. Google absolutely loves this type of marketing and promotes companies that incorporate these elements and most importantly, companies that do this the right way, with no "spammy approaches" whatsoever. 

Can a regular salesman do this the same for you? Once they leave your company or stop selling, their sales stop DEAD!

All the marketing collateral we provide to you in the first trial month will be yours to keep even if you walk away. At a projected value of over $2500.00, it is an absolute no-brainer to try our services for a nominal fee of only $975.00.

So What Exactly Will We Be Doing For Your Company?

We will immediately crank up our promotional efforts thus ensuring you receive a never-ending source of traffic, leads and new customers. Your company will be added into all of our powerful digital marketing funnels guaranteeing your company's exposure. This will make you the dominant company in your field allowing you to be seen prominently and subsequently convince more customers to choose you over your competition.

The longer you stay on as a client, the greater your prominence will be over a multitude of channels over the entire digital universe. Each month you stay with us your exposure will grow exponentially as our marketing funnels will actually start to grow roots and tentacles that will allow clients to find you like never before.

We Will Make Your Phone Ring. Period!

We don't want to bog you down with confusing talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any other nerdy tech talk. The end result with us is that we will make your phone ring with new customers on the other end. How does that sound? 

We would love to tell you exactly what our Digi Salesman program does for your business and suffice to say, it is a lot! We are very protective of our proprietary marketing methods and to be honest, we are not interested in revealing our methods to our competitors or simply "tire kickers" who have no real intention of taking their businesses to the next level. As a result, we would like to weed out the companies that are not serious right here

We are committed to putting the work into your company so there has to be at least a small commitment on your part as well.

We are going to ask you to complete a simple questionnaire (see below) that will allow us to get to know you and your business a little better. If you are not able to spend the time to tell us a little about your company then we believe you are probably not the type of company that would be right to work with us. Once you complete the form below, we will reveal to you all the detailed methods we are going to implement in your business. In this way, once we can gain some familiarity with your company and establish that you are not just a "tire kicker", we will immediately be willing to relay all this information to you.

Free Software Bonus Offer:

Once we receive your trial payment of $975.00 we are also going to provide you with an ingenious piece of software that currently retails for $97/month but will be yours to keep forever for this one-time $975.00 trial payment. This software even comes complete with an external app (IOS and Android) which you can use specifically for mobile. As you will see, we believe in providing huge value to our clients and always massively over-delivering.

Even if you should choose not to go ahead with us in the 2nd month, you can continue to keep this amazing software for life without any additional monthly payments. How can we afford to do this? It is easy. We are so confident that you will see the value in all of our services at this incredibly low price and will choose to stay with us for years to come. If not, that is fine too, and we will honor our word and cover the cost for you to utilize this software indefinitely. That is how confident we are about our services. There are no strings attached and there is no catch.

This software tool alone can bring you an abundance of new profitable leads as well as reputation protection for your business. This is actually an essential tool for any business today! This is not some cheap software application.  This is the real deal and this software alone could be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line over the next few years.


What is this software application? It is called Repwarn. You can view all the features at Please note, in addition to the features that are outlined on the website, you can also be creative and use this software to automatically search the Internet for people that are currently having discussions about your business profession (in real-time). These could be people who are thinking about purchasing your product or service right at this very moment. Without this software these leads could be falling through your fingertips.

Capture Conversations On Who Is Looking for Your Service!

How powerful is this software? Say you are a Chiropractor, how would you like to be a fly on the wall searching for people who are having real conversations with their friends, co-workers, family and others who relate to your particular service? These would be people that have posted a conversation similar to this:

Anyone know of a good Chiropractor? I did something to my back and      need to see someone reliable who can help me get rid of this pain.


These types of conversations happen every day on social media. Do you think that would be a great lead for you to see the moment the person says they are looking for a Chiropractor? How would you like to be notified in real-time by email the moment one of these conversations occurs? Imagine contacting a person who posted that question and then introducing yourself and providing them with your Chiropractor services? Perhaps also offering them a discount for being a brand new customer. This can be used for literally any type of business. This is lightning in a bottle! This is just as effective as our example of the two guys selling umbrellas to people standing out in the rain. 

Are you starting to get the idea of how effective these strategies can be? And this is just one of our many strategies that can be implemented into your business to bring you a never-ending source of targeted new clients.

Targeted marketing = Success!! The software will scour the entire Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, top forums and blogs, etc.) based on the keywords and phrases that you enter into the software and it will instantly find people that are looking for a product or service. These are incredibly hot leads ripe for the picking. You can contact them directly through the software and instantly land them as a customer. This strategy is like taking candy from a baby because it is so targeted to the potential client’s needs. It is like being a virtual mind reader.


You definitely don’t want your competitor to get this before you do. With this software you can assign someone at your company to login and use the software or when you proceed as our monthly client, we can manage the whole process for you and shoot you over the hot leads. It is totally up to you. Whatever you decide, it will be yours to keep forever without having to pay any ongoing $97.00 monthly charges, as others are currently paying. This is a value of $1,164.00/year, every year, absolutely free. Others gladly pay full price for this software to receive all the benefits.

Check out the Repwarn Video:

What Kind Of Results Will You Receive With Digi Salesman?

The results you will receive will be qualified traffic and leads that are already prepared to do business with you. These will be customers that are lining up and waiting to buy “your umbrellas”. It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you are selling, our will help you to sell more of whatever it is you are marketing.

What we will execute for you will more than prove our credibility thus leaving you no hesitation in engaging our services for the long term. We will actually be giving you exactly what you want. More targeted leads and traffic to your site which will ultimately turn into more sales and more long term residual profits.

Over the years we have developed our own where we have learned how to generate unlimited amounts of quality traffic and send that traffic to our website, online landing pages and business offerings. This has blasted our profits through the roof.

Qualified Traffic Delivered On A Silver Platter Direct To You!

We have discovered a plethora of unique methods to drive traffic back to us from people who are actually interested in (and already looking for) our service. Trust me, there are people all over the Internet that are searching for your services in your area right now. Tragically, these leads are slipping through your fingertips and going to another company simply because you don’t know how to find them and corral them into your stable. We can change all that for you instantly!


Check out some of these features and results of our Digi Salesman modules:

  • Grows Local Businesses by 2-3x in 1-6 Months.
  • Drives leads for the kind of customers you want.
  • Gets clients into the Google 3-pack without SEO.
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Produces more targeted traffic to your website and related online real estate.
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Increases your exposure on Google for higher rankings
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Receive real targeted phone calls inquiring about your product or service.
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Receive real targeted emails inquiring about your product or service.
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Receive SMS text leads inquiring about your product or service. (very powerful)
  • AG亚洲国际游戏下载app|中心
    Plus many many more...


We are 100% confident the combined effect of all our proven proprietary strategies will result in more promotion and sales than your company has ever experienced before!

If you are not satisfied with all the strategies that we are going to reveal to you and/or not satisfied with the ongoing evergreen Repwarn software, then simply ask us for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

We have a simple policy. If you are not satisfied then we are not satisfied!!

Want to Get More Leads & Traffic?

Follow the simple steps below:

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    Complete Our Simple Form below so that we can learn a little about you and your company. Submitting this form puts you in the queue to be eligible for our services. We are working on a first come, first serve basis. We only have limited openings for new clients at this particular time. Therefore, if you are interested, please submit your form without delay. 
  • 2
    Look For Our Email which will explain exactly what we will do to promote your business and how you can scale to receive unlimited traffic, leads and exposure to your business. 
  • 3
    Once we receive your first monthly trial payment we will send you access to the amazing Repwarn program so you can start receiving leads and reputation protection immediately. We will also start implementing our modules in your business which will begin producing better results than any superstar salesman.

       Please Take 30 Seconds To Complete This Questionnaire:

Payment Methods

Once you you complete the questionnaire above, we will automatically send you an email providing you more detailed information regarding the Digi Salesman services.

There are no contracts or commitments and you can cancel anytime. 

The only commitment you will find is: "WE ARE COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS!"

Here's to Profit!

God bless

The Digi Salesman Team

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